July 26, 2010

metafictional metasyntax (& hydration sources for pastoral personnel)

In the second volume of Don Quijote, it happens, from time to time, that both the eponymous hero and his squire, Sancho Panza, are recognized by people who have not met them before, but who know all about them, from having read the first volume of the novel.

Nonetheless, we were surprised to find, in the text, the word "Quixotic" – and spoken by Don Quijote himself! In Volume II, Chapter 67, he proposes to Sancho Panza that they become a pair of shepherds:
"I'll buy us some sheep, and everything else necessary for a pastoral existence, and I'll be 'The Quixotic Shepherd,' and you can be 'The Panzaic Shepherd,' and we'll wander over mountains and woods and meadows, in one place singing, in another mourning, drinking the rivers' crystal liquid, or perhaps the clear, clean streams', or perhaps that of the bountiful lakes."

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