August 23, 2014

The Bucky Variations*.

Heraclitus said that "Everything changes and ... you cannot step twice into the same stream."

If, however, you take several photographs of the same stream – or dog – they may not look all that different.

But what if you use different lenses?

Here is Bucky standing at the top of the stairs, as seen through three different lenses** (click any image for full-screen):

Fuji X100S***, 5/28/14.
Nikkor 105 mm f/2 "defocus control" lens****, 8/9/14
Lensbaby LM-10*****, 8/12/14.

And there you have it: Three different views of Bucky at the top of the stairs.

I admit that these may not reflect three different ways of being, a la Heraclitus, but instead may depict three different ways of seeing, a la John Berger. But, for most of us, ways of seeing are ways of being. And, as for me, I am grateful to Bucky, who has taught me new ways of being, and of seeing.

        *  With footnotes.
     **   And cameras.
   ***   Built-in 23 mm f/2 lens (35 mm equivalent focal length = 35 mm).
 ****  On a full-frame Nikon digital SLR.
***** On an iPhone.

August 19, 2014

August 12, 2014

Sun, & Autumn.

Two analogies from the Mountain Goats:

"...the sun peeks in like a killer through the curtain..."
-from "The First Few Desperate Hours" from the album "Tallahassee" (2002).

"...Autumn came around like a drifter to an on-ramp..."
-from "In the Hidden Places" from the album "Get Lonely" (2006).

August 8, 2014

Late-Summer Dog-Blogging!

Bucky, yesterday morning. Click image for full-screen.

August 7, 2014

"... you often saw them lying open on the sofa…"

"Their house had real hardcover books in it, and you often saw them lying open on the sofa, the words still warm from being read."

-from "Loggerheads" by David Sedaris, from his 2013 collection "Let's Explore Diabetes with Owls: Essays, Etc."

August 2, 2014

Every garden should have one!

Sentinel hummingbird, backyard, 7/30/14.
Click image for full-screen.

August 1, 2014

Down-in-Florida Summertime Flower-Blogging!

Hibiscus in Palm Isles, 7/26/14.
Fuji X100S, f/8, macro mode, Velvia film simulation.
Click image for full-screen.


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