December 6, 2009

... but sometimes your lens does

Your camera doesn't matter, but sometimes your lens does.

In optical image formation, the box-with-the-film-in-it behind the lens matters a lot less than the lens.

Sometimes, the lens does matter, a lot:

But most of the time, in my opinion, you can grab good shots with an iPhone:

Similarly, for the most part, your scanner doesn't matter (much), but your pulse sequence sure does. When zeugmatographers discuss various kinds of MRIs – something we love to do, by the way – we talk about functional imaging vs. diffusion imaging vs. angiographic imaging, about spin echoes vs. gradient echoes, but not (much) about which manufacturer (e.g., GE, Philips, Siemens) made our scanners...

[First illustration: Backyard yesterday, in the first snow of the season. Nikon 105 mm f/2.0 lens on D200 camera (1/4000 s, ISO 3200).]

[Second illustration (slideshow): iPhone photos, from a weekend visit to NY & NJ last year.]

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