December 8, 2009


In preparation for an upcoming trip, I loaded the TomTom app onto my iPhone.

[Although my iPhone 3G has built-in GPS, & google maps, it is of limited utility for navigation because the maps are not built in. That is, if you don't have a cellphone signal, you don't have a data network, so you don't have any maps! In contrast, the TomTom app contains roadmaps for all of North America (and also additional functionality that folks are used to having in a nav system, such as turn-by-turn voice instructions).]

Now, the TomTom iPhone app is huge – about 1.3 Gigabytes – because of all those roadmaps. And I swear my iPhone feels heavier, with all those maps in it. Really. It reminds me of some lines from the song "
Your Belgian Things" from the album "We Shall All be Healed" by the Mountain Goats:
I shot a roll of thirty-two exposures / My camera groans beneath the weight it bears.
I told my wife that the phone felt heftier because of all the roadmaps in it, and she asked:
Which are heavier, the zeroes or the ones?
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