December 31, 2009


The close of this year ending with "9", NeuroCooking friends, makes me look not back over the decade, but instead ahead five decades, to ask how 2009 will look to the people of 2059.

I was going to predict that they will ask why we ate so much high-fructose corn-syrup, but a friend with trusted taste says that doing so would make me sound shrill, or batty, a self-marginalized web-ranter. (Though she admits some people would find it funny). So no, we won't make any predictions about the future that touch upon sensitive topics like agribusiness, politics, war, science, health, sex, or religion (certainly we won't mention that 2009 saw the first Vatican conference on possible theological implications of extraterrestrial life). People are too sensitive about that kind of stuff; we wouldn't want to risk offending anyone.

Instead, I predict:

The people of 2059 will look back upon 2009's use of petroleum-fueled motor-vehicles for the daily distribution of pulped-wood newspapers, like we look back on horse-drawn milk-wagons.

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