March 25, 2009


Working at home today, sitting at the dining table, looking up from my work, I saw this out the window:

A car stopped in front of our house. Both front doors opened, and the driver & front-seat passenger – man & woman – walked around the car, swapping places.

The car made a u-turn. Then it stopped, again in front of our house, but now on the other side of the street. Both doors opened, and the driver and passenger swapped places.

Hmmm... Perhaps the driver wasn't feeling up to a u-turn, and asked for help?

A little later, I was standing by the coffee pot in the kitchen, and from the kitchen window, I saw the
exact same thing happen again.

Only this time I figure out what was going on: Dad was having his daughter practice driving, down the block; then he would turn the car around, so she could drive it in the other direction...

Hmmm... Manual transmission?

So, the
third time this happens, I notice the car slip backwards just a tiny bit before the U turn - consistent with a manual, but not automatic, transmission.

And, after the car is turned, Dad waits and holds the driver's door for his clutch-mastering daughter, ushering her in with a small bow and flourish. Sweet. I don't know these folks, but I'm happy for them.

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