June 9, 2010

The power of "today".

One afternoon maybe sixteen years ago I was buying espresso coffee & olive oil at the family-run Italian deli long since displaced by a well-known national chain café as part of the process that was then called the "improvement" of downtown Rockville, Maryland. I put down my coffee & oil on the counter in front of a clerk, and looked at the display of loaves of fresh bread heaped on the counter behind him. Following my gaze, he asked:
"How many you want today?"
The local Audubon Naturalist Society has cardboard-on-wood signs staked beside their driveway, facing passing drivers, about half the year 'round, that say:
"Bird Food Sale Today".
Today I was sitting working at the dining room table and happened to look up to see, passing by, a piano truck. It was a white panel truck, with the business name painted on the side, and, really big across the back, the words:
"Piano Sale".
They forget the "Today".

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