March 25, 2011


To make a bicycle work, we have found that it is not sufficient to pedal it, you must also keep air in its tires.

To put air into our bicycle tires, we got a great big floor pump with a silly name, which, to our surprise, came with a magazine subscription.

At least, that's what the magazine told us, when we asked then please why are you sending us your magazine, they said, you're getting it as a gift from the big online retailer from whom you bought that great floor pump. Maybe among all those papers we recycled along with the box that had the pump was one paper that said thank you for your business we are giving you a magazine subscription. No problem. But no thanks. We don't need to recycle that magazine every month.

So, we went to that magazine's website and entered the subscriber ID from our subscriber's label and selected 'cancel subscription' – and were offered three more free issues:

"Would you consider not canceling at this time if we offer to extend your current subscription by 3 issues at no extra cost"?

What was that old joke? The two old ladies are at dinner, and one says, the food here is so bad, and the other says, yes, and the portions are so small.

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