February 28, 2009

intimacy can be expensive

What does "intimate" mean?

Recently, we received a letter from one JoAnn LaBrecque-French, Director of Marketing and Communications of the Washington National Opera, telling us that the price for renewing our opera subscription would increase. 

Ours are among the best seats in the cheapest section: Front-row aisle, way up in the second (top-most) balcony. Turns out that WNO is, quite reasonably, carving out a new "second tier premium" section, so they can charge more for such seats. Good for them.

But, how did they choose to communicate this? Ms. LaBrecque-French wrote:
In an effort to create a more intimate opera experience, Washington National Opera observed the seating preferences of its partrons and made some adjustments to the seating and price charts for the upcoming 2009-10 season.
Well. Since when does "intimate" mean costly?

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  1. Ever since "exclusive" meant anybody with enough money...



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