October 31, 2009

live-blogging Halloween!

Halloween update from NeuroCooking's Old Line State Headquarters in Kensington Maryland USA::

As of 9:30
, here, still no one, nothing.

We saw three hooded figures cross the bridge, one with a pair of crutches, one with a cane, but they were headed away from us; they did not come here.

Not content with just reporting on the local action, your Old Line State correspondent fired up his iPhone's "911 scanner" app. The local Montgomery County Police & Fire yielded a priority call reporting nearby teens shooting BB guns at people. "They also have water balloons and eggs"! Also mentioned were "girls wearing wide-legged jeans, some with skateboards and some on foot".

By "nearby" we do mean safely many miles away from here.

And that's your latest Old Line State Halloween update from your friends at NeuroCooking.

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