April 3, 2010

six is the first perfect number

Because there is strong evidence that those who consume alcohol in moderation live longer and healthier lives than those who don't drink, I have strived to conquer my natural aversion to intoxication and my fear of immoderate & inadequate drinking and aspired to drink moderately. Namely, having a beer with dinner.

However, when I looked into the matter, I found that "moderate drinking", for men, means two drinks per day. This was upsetting. Was I underdrinking when I had one beer with dinner?

Was that bottle of beer just half-a-serving?

I became more confused after a summertime visit to Munich, where we sat in beer gardens and drank beer in one-liter mugs, which is about as much as three American beer bottles. So, was my bottle of beer really just one-third-of-a-serving?

Two good insights; two good concerns. Was that one beer one-half, or one-third, as much as I needed to drink healthily? I decided not to disagree with either insight, and instead to resolve the matter diplomatically:
  • 2 drinks = moderation;
  • 1 drink = 3 bottles;
  • 2 x 3 = 6 ;
  • 6 bottles = moderation.
To moderation!

[title refers to this]

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