January 5, 2012

Collaboration, Trust, and Improvisation

Readers of NeuroCooking know that I've been studying Improv for several years. (You can read some of my previous posts about Improv here, here, and here.) Recently, I've been working with Jay Rhoderick, and exploring ways in which we can collaborate, melding my expertise in communication and story with Jay's Improv brilliance. Last month, Jay and I delivered the opening plenary of the 2011 New Jersey Non-Profit Conference, leading close to 300 professionals in an exciting and interactive session exploring the traits necessary to successful collaboration, using some Improv techniques. The Foundation News Digest blog, PhilanTopic, just published an excerpt from our plenary, Productive Partnerships: Building Trust and Creating Collaborations.

To read the excerpt, 3 Ways Your T-Shape Helps You Collaborate, click here.

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