April 26, 2009

Knowledge Sharing

Just as I was about to throw my Treo out the car window, Neil, a Verizon Wireless technician, called to see if my Treo had once again begun to access incoming email. It hadn't, and Neil had spent the time since our last call researching a solution - which got the device properly functioning again. [Wireless Sync passwords can not be reset to the previous password.]

I pointed out to Neil that four of his colleagues, over the past 24 hours, had been unable to assist me. I asked him if there was an internal server or some other mechanism for him to post this customer service solution, so that both technicians and customers could benefit. No, Verizon Wireless has no system for sharing such useful information.

Is it assumed that all technicians know this information, and sharing it would only make employees appear ignorant? They are ignorant! Neil did a great job, and his story - my story of becoming a happy customer - should be shared among Verizon Wireless staff.

Neil knows something that his colleagues do not; this knowledge must be shared in the easiest way possible.

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