February 10, 2010

Snomagadden status report

Snowmagedden, round I, gifted us with more than two feet of snow. The storm ended Saturday, but our road was not plowed until late Monday. Here's how it looked Sunday at around 5 P.M.:

The unplowed road was impassable by car or light truck, of course. Four wheel drive or not, you can't drive over (through?) several feet of icy snowpack. There was however a social trail, that started as a tire-rut early in the storm, running down the road. Here's how it looked Monday at about 10 A.M.:

Snowmagedden, round II, is here now, having arrived last night. How much snow fell overnight? Well, we keep a path shoveled out for the dog, from the back porch to the rear of the back yard, where we've dug out a small snow-room for him to, um, do his business. This dog-path is, after round I, a trench, with walls two to three feet tall. Here's how it looked around mid-day Saturday (as Snowmagedden I was still with us):

Anyway, today started with a pre-dawn shoveling out of this trench, for the sake of the comfort of Bucky (and all), perhaps four inches of snow that had accumulated overnight.

Forecasts for Snowmagedden II have recently gone down, from 12-20 inches, to only 8-12 inches. But wind gusts to 45 miles per hour 55 miles per hour [mid-day edit] are predicted to accompany the snow this afternoon. Best then, to shovel early. Like now! Neurocooking friends, would you like to stop by to help?

[Post-storm edit: Snowmagadden status report, part two, now available]

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