January 11, 2010

Comedy as the Failure of Drama

New year, new Improv class! Scott Eckert, my new Improv instructor, explains that there are essentially 3 types of Improv scenes:
  1. Pirates on the Moon - essentially, wacky happenings in unexpected places
  2. 2 People Talking - and talking, and talking, and talking...
  3. Comedy as the Failure of Drama
The first two are ultimately unsustainable. When comedic moments infuse true drama, however, hilarity ensues.

It's funny, because it's real. Ain't that the way to be approaching life?

Scott also explained that long-form Improv is focused on finding patterns and connections among scenes. That "something fundamentally changes when people are together making those connections."

This reminded me of story sharing: when your story connects to my story, which connects to our colleague's story, which connects to the larger organizational narrative, deep, memorable, and sustainable understanding results. Meaning is made, complexity is conquered, and connections are cemented.

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