January 27, 2010

My response to comment on More on the Role of the Listener

In response to my assertion, "We will not achieve a culture of story sharing unless we empower the role of listener," a Neurocooking reader asked, "And how do we empower the role of the listener?"

A recognition of parity between the listener and the sharer.

This became clear to me as I reflected on a scene from last night’s Improv class:

My scene partner immediately assumed what in Improv is called High Status; she assumed the role of a diva. I did not immediately take her cue and assume lower status. I didn’t feel like being subservient. It felt like giving up. Yet surrender was what was called for! If I had listened, truly gotten out of my head and listened fully to my partner, I would have heard clear and intense emotion and been able to provide her with the space and platform she needed to be fully present and shine. A substantial connection would have occurred and we both would have benefited.

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