August 7, 2009

More on Believable & Bearable

Several years ago, I worked at a consulting firm where we taught clients that their messages had to be both "true and believable". That there are many things that are true, but not believable; and that there are many things that are believable, but not true, such as SUVs being safer than the majority of cars on the road, or Saddam Hussein instigating the 9/11 attacks.

I no longer disrespect my clients or waste their time by reminding them that their messages must be true; my clients do not lie or spread fallacies. And there are many things that may be true and believable, but not bearable, as in able to be borne, to be carried around. And it is the bearable part that is necessary in order for your listeners to hear and act upon your message. I now help smart leaders and their organizations place their messages within a context of meaning that enables the information to be accepted and acted upon.

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