August 29, 2009

stay smooth

On this morning's dog walk I didn't see many cars, because who's out driving before seven o'clock on a Saturday morning? But I did see two in a row cross Kensington Parkway on Beach Drive. The first was a small sedan that smoothly glided to a stop and then smoothly accelerated away; the second was a big white SUV that - as the sedan ahead was slowing - roared up, braked suddenly, causing the front of the vehicle to dip down, crossed the intersection without stopping (because the meaning of a sign saying "STOP" is just so, well, obscure and hard-to-understand), then accelerated suddenly, causing the front of the vehicle to buck up, and then braked hard again, nose diving, to fall close behind - i.e., tailgating - that small sedan...

So, there you have it, a fundamental dichotomy in the multi-dimensional (surely there are at least four dimensions: psycho-, socio-, spatio-, temporal-) world of driver-types: The smooth cruiser vs. the bucking bouncer. NeuroCooking friends, if you do drive, I hope that you stay smooth.

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