August 19, 2009

Those Who Know the Least Yell the Loudest

When confronted with skeptics or opponents, one tends to think one must be defensively armed with knowledge of facts and data. The truth is, most heated political and personal discussions are about ideology and values.

How well do you know yourself? What do you really believe and why? How much hypocrisy have you confronted -- and vanquished -- from your life? Why are you relying solely on data, facts, and figures?

We remember what we feel.
What happens when you yell at someone? They usually get angry, or they get intimidated -- neither of which are emotionally conducive to sustainable change. Attempt to be heard because of the emotional resonance of your words, and the meaning you convey. Armed with self-knowledge, you may find yourself
not raising your voice.

with inspiration from Seth Godin, Wally Woodshopper, and Shawn Callahan; it's been a busy day

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